Why Raptor?

You might be wondering why I call the little one “The Raptor” when she is a gorgeous little thing. Well… lots of reasons. They are scattered throughout this blog but here’s the nitty gritty of it (in convenient bullet form):

  • She brutalized my insides beginning at 10 weeks into the pregnancy. She kicked and punched organs, mutilated my sciatic nerve, and caused plenty of muscle pain. Read here.
  • Do we really need another princess? No, probably not.
  • Supposedly,  the velociraptor was feathery, making it a lot more cuddly than the pictures drawn (In Jurassic Park, the dinosaur portrayed was not a velociraptor)
  • They were fast!
  • They were resourceful!
  • And as Mr. Lulu says, she’s his “clever girl”
  • Finally, let’s hope she’s a force of nature that takes on the world.
  • velociraptor

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