New header and such

I finally got around to changing the header of the blog. I was thinking the pregnant belly needed to go, seeing as it’s been six weeks and frankly, lets move past the pregnant belly! I’m not sure I’m going to keep this one, it isn’t my favorite, but we’ll see.

So, six weeks. The Raptor is six weeks old now. Let’s recap:

  • She loves being held. As in, we can’t get anything done unless we’re baby wearing. Which is tiresome. I love her, but oh my goodness, please for the love, let me put you down and clean.
  • She is growing like a weed. She’s pushed past the 10 pound mark now.
  • She spent the first night in her crib last night. I’d say it was an 85% success. It’s too cold and when her little hands felt like ice blocks it was time to move her some place warmer. We need to figure that out before tonight.
  • She’s eating. OH MY GOODNESS IS THIS KID EATING. So much that we called the pediatrician because she was going beyond 2.5 ounces per pound. We have a great pediatrician who said, “if she’s hungry, you should probably feed her.”
  • Napping? What’s a nap? Hopefully this is part of the six week growth spurt. She takes catnaps but not much more. It’s quite irritating.
  • Ceiling fans are AMAZING!
  • Oh does this girl SMILE!!!!

But the Raptor is doing fantastic. We are still smitten (even when she’s screaming when we try to put her down).

In other news, it’s difficult to believe maternity leave is half way finished. It’s somewhat quiet sometimes but we’ve had lots of friends and family come to visit. I wish I could say I’ve been sewing or creating some masterpiece, but unfortunately, that’s not been happening. Mostly because the Raptor refuses to be put down long enough to sew.

But we’re good…and no new pictures, sorry. Every time I’ve tried pulling out the camera, someone makes a sour face. Not pretty…though, I should post those too. Maybe next time!