A week past hatching.

“Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up…”

I last wrote mid November. Really, there wasn’t much going on because, let’s face it, the holidays were approaching. The due date was approaching. Nothing was happening and why get too excited over something that may or may not happen when it was supposed to.

Until it did.

I could write my birth story, but again, I will sum up. On Monday the 26, I went for a dose of Cervidil. We packed bags just in case, nothing happened. I went home and had a fabulous steak dinner. Who knew that’d be my last meal for over 24 hours. That night around 915, my water broke. The trip to the hospital included shakes, contractions, and singing along to Justin Beiber. As the next 26 hours progressed, it included walking laps in the labor ward, stadol, pitocin, epidural, cervical regression, and finally a c section.

I didn’t have the birthing experience I wanted, even though I said I had no expectations. But once the water breaks and you have a ticking clock to get the baby out, it’s just time. I was exhausted, not having eaten in over 24 hours, not having slept more than 2 hours over the course of that day… there was no way I could’ve physically pushed out a baby at that point anyways.

But what happened was the most amazing experience of hearing a baby cry as she was pulled from me. And having her snuggle up on my chest. And coming home and looking at Mr. Lulu and saying “Can you believe they let us bring her home?”

The Raptor is a week old now. She was born November 27, 2012 at 11pm. She was 17 3/4 inches long and weighed just 7 pounds 3 ounces. She’s a tiny raptor.



Things I am not.

There are things that you should never say to a pregnant woman. I can’t tell you how many postings on the internet there are about this subject. They include everything from “you’re huge” to “are you sure it isn’t twins?” But the one thing, the one stinkin’ thing I can’t stand hearing is…


REALLY?? I am about to pop??? Let’s discuss things I am not.

I am not…a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon. Yes, I am 38 weeks pregnant and Thanksgiving is a week away. But I am not filled with helium with a bunch of handlers as I float down the streets of New York City.

A turkey. Nor has my “turkey timer” popped out. I realize this is a rite of passage for a lot of women to see their belly button invert itself. Mine is still securely in it’s normal position. There’s no reason to even think in the next couple weeks that my belly button will stick out. No, it will not magically pop out on Thanksgiving Day, even if I eat a lot. The only change to my belly button is that you can see my scar from my laparoscopic surgery I had in college.

A blimp. I am not a blimp. The Hindenburg (I refuse to Google pictures of the Hindenburg to see if there are any of it in it’s fiery glory). I am not something that just floats along, taking up space, and is randomly useful.

Anything related to popcorn, the Jiffy Pop Explosions, or anything of that nature. I promise you, my mid section is not going to explode to reveal my baby. Or a tasty treat.

Maybe at 38 weeks, I’m a little sensitive to this whole thing. But, I’m not about to pop. I promise.

32 weeks

Wow! OK, so I’ve made it to 32 weeks! So much has been happening and yet nothing at all has been happening!

Since my last post, I turned another year older. Yup, I hit the big 33. Half way to 66, a 1/3 of the way to 99. The age of Jesus at his crucifixion. Mr. Lulu thinks it’s weird that that’s the first thing I think of but hey- 33 just feels like an odd age (no pun intended!) This year, because of the incubation of the Raptor, there was no table dancing, no delicious gin, no lampshades on head craziness. It was REALLY quiet, which is good because, well, I don’t have a whole lot of oomph in me anyways. The birthday weekend started by eating Indian food with my mother in law and father in law. They had never eaten Indian and we went to my favorite, Bollywood Masala. I love going there. Raj has no problem telling you to order something different or making you something extra special (HELLOOOOO SPINACH PAKORAS!) MIL brought cake! YUM! And we hung out at the lounge afterwards. It was such a lovely time!

My sister and her family came over the day before my actual celebratory day and we had a late lunch. They brought babka. Which I LOVE. Here is me blowing out a candle in my birthday babka! In the background is a picture of my niece (or mini-me) celebrating the birthday song. Her birthday is just two days before mine. She DID celebrate with complete raucous behavior by having seven girls spend the night at my sister’s house, complete with cake and ice cream and pizza.

Hubby and I celebrated with dinner at home, which is always nice. We grill a mean steak (c’mon, I need my iron!) and made brussel sprouts with bacon and roasted potatoes. There was fresh herbed bread and cajun crab dip too! Instead of the obligatory birthday cake, we split the most amazing eclair ever. mmmm…

Today was my 32 week check up with my OB. Everything is going just fine and dandy with the exception I’m still measuring big. Like two weeks big. Now, I’m not a TALL person. I have learned to embrace my ridiculously short stature and am hoping that it just means that there isn’t a whole lot of room in the torso for the Raptor and not that she is a mega-huge Raptor. We are going Tuesday for another sonogram just to make sure. With any luck, she’ll be a fine size and not an abnormal size.

Other final news…this weekend is my baby shower. YIPPEE!!! I get to see friends and family from near and far and I am so looking forward to celebrating with everyone! I’ll leave with a parting picture tonight- me at my 33rd birthday.


No Diabetes!!!


I got the call today from my doctor’s office saying I don’t have gestational diabetes. HUZZAH!!! On Wednesday, I had to drink that orange stuff (which, going down wasn’t NEARLY AS BAD as what everyone said, until afterwards, when I had an upset stomach) but I had to drink that stuff in front of a project manager from another utility company while we discussed an issue we were dealing with for a major project. I hid the orange stuff in my travel mug, but I’m not sure I hid my faces very well (I hope that’s not why I haven’t heard from him yet!)  Oh- let’s talk sugar crash afterwards….I could barely keep my eyes open. That was an “oh geez am I going to make it home” moment and then I napped. And sleeping isn’t my strong suit these days but that sugar crash was HORRID.

I also went and had lots of blood drawn and my rhogam shot. It didn’t hurt (thank you RUMP!) but I did forget about the bandaid (oops!) when I went for a massage yesterday. And lets talk prenatal massages. Yes, lovely. But I hurt still today, like I did yesterday. I’m guessing this has to do with me feeling like a Weeble. So everything is moving along and





No, really, there’s a bit of a shock there! I’m seven months pregnant (HOLY WHA??)

By the way, I plan on doing a full nursery post, when I feel the nursery is well and complete. Which, it doesn’t feel like it because carpets need shampooed, tools need put away, and there are other odds and ends that need cleaned up.

 While I’m a propros-ing of nothing…Easy Mac leaves the worst taste in your mouth. EW. Which I’m glad I don’t have the diabetes, because I can follow up my Easy Mac with a pear and a Jell-o pudding snack. Ahhh…quick and dirty food. 🙂

And for those curious, the sobs have subsided a little, but there is little filter on my mouth these days. Please, don’t be alarmed if I’m mouthier than usual.

One more thing…my pear is gross.

Third Trimester!

Happy third trimester! Or that is if you go by the third trimester starting during week 27. Which sounds good to me. New with me: I feel blimpy. I’m tired. I’m not sleeping. Yeah, a barrel of monkeys. (OK, so do you KNOW how many inappropriate and racist photos there are if you search “barrel of monkeys???) Anyways, I’m a whole lotta fun these days.

This week I get to go for my rhogam injection, because Mr. Lulu and I have opposing blood types. I imagine them warring with each other. I also get to go for blood work (WOO!) and my one hour diabetes test with that delicious looking orange drink that’s been sitting in my fridge. Color me (orange) excited.

The nursery has taken a back seat lately to me sleeping working on things for our church bazaar. No really, I have been. Mittens, and napkins, and sugar scrubs galore. I’ll actually spend this weekend canning for the bazaar (and taking my cut!) and sewing.

I have started work on an air plant mobile type thing. I’ve been back and forth on what sort of mobile to buy, but wanted something organic. It doesnt sound right when I try to write about it, but when it’s finished, I’ll post photos.

K, off to dinner with friends!