Merry Christmas

The great thing about being an Episcopalian is that we really do celebrate Christmas through Epiphany…or the REAL twelve days of Christmas. These people who start the twelve days BEFORE Christmas begins are all wrong and misinformed…

Anyways…I use this as an excuse to post a Merry Christmas post…see…I’m not belated! It’s all good! We have had a most amazing month here at the Raptor Nest. Yeah, I’ve given up and the house now belongs to the Raptor.

First…she’s a month old! HOLY COW! Mr. Lulu and I didn’t kill our baby and our baby didn’t kill us! That in itself is amazing. But even more amazing is the Raptor. She’s grown SO MUCH. She’s more than three inches longer and has put on two pounds-ish. She coos and smiles (even when it’s not gas), and watches everything around her. Her sleeping schedule has gotten mostly more normal. She eats at 10ish at night, wakes up at 3ish, and then again at 7ish. Mr. Lulu and I still sit and stare at her. She’s gorgeous. She’s fun. She wakes up and looks at you with this most adorable face.

I’ll admit it, I have the cutest baby EVER.

ruby before bank

Christmas was a bit of a blur this year. As in…lots of people stopping through, lots of people saying hello, our first visit back to church… it was kind of crazy. The Raptor met her two great grandmothers, saw four sets of grandparents. She met friends from all over. And probably in the week surround Christmas, never once was put down. Which of course, is causing it’s own set of issues, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The Raptor was truly spoiled this Christmas with clothes, shoes, ornaments, a grocery cart cushion made by Grandma (so cute!), a light up bug…and so much more.


This was one of Mr. Lulu and I’s favorites to add to the library. Good Night iPad is a must read for today’s family!

There was so much excitement and joy and even though it was so overwhelming, neither Mr. Lulu or I would trade it for the world.

I know I missing much, but it is impossible to encapsulate everything. I’ll just leave this post with a photo of the three of us on Christmas.