Election Day, A Shower, and a Nursery

Today is election day and on my way to the polls I realized who I vote for will set up the first four years of the Raptor’s life. Kind of a really neat thought.

So third trimester…it stinks. Bad. I mean, I’ve tried really hard to maintain a positive outlook on the pregnancy and take things as they come, but OHMYGOODNESSMYBACKHURTS and HOLDONIHAVETOPEE. Really, I need to know how one pees so much. Where does it come from??? Besides the back pain, and the peeing, and the sciatic nerve issues, and the not sleeping (or sleeping too much) bit, it’s going really well! Way better than I thought it would. And as of today, we are (approximately) 23 days away.

Over the weekend, ladies from my church threw Mr. Lulu and I a baby shower. It was absolutely sweet as pie. I have always felt loved at St. Andrews but there is something wonderful about knowing you are surrounded with comfort and love and grace by others in your community. The Raptor was again spoiled with hats and toys and books and everything she needs to start out her life. I don’t have photos yet, but when I get them, I will post them. I know that no matter how I say thank you, it will never fully express my gratitude towards these ladies (and the church all together). And I have a whole roster of baby sisters and mama’s helpers!!! That’s a great gift in itself!

We’re just waiting now for the Raptor. I’ve started my third trimester nesting HARD, both at the house and the office and I’ve been running around like a mad-woman trying to clean up all the loose ends. I’ve also been told I “look like she’s dropping” but who knows. I go to the doctor again tomorrow, so maybe we’ll have an idea of what’s going on. I know, as of last week, she was just under 6 pounds. She was breech but flipped again, so who knows. She’s definitely opinionated and shares her frustrations when she has the hiccups. Not only do I get the rhythmic bounce from her spasms, but she flails her arms and legs if the hiccups don’t stop in a timely fashion.

Her nest nursery is all finished. I’m pleased with it. I really am. Here are photos for you to see! You know, before toys are thrown everywhere and she has drawn on the walls with permanent marker. Honestly though, Mr. Lulu and I are expecting her to walk out of me with a pair of Doc Maartens on, go in her room and hang anarchy posters. It’s just kinda how I see her.



Anyways, while it’s still sweet and pretty and put together…She has a decent size room, I love the purple. We still have to hang the blinds but we’ll get that done before she comes. Other than that, I think we just wait!

Comfy chair and bookshelf

Crib, mobile, and wall decal. Of course there’s a twilight turtle and her crib quilt!

Dresser & changing station. Though it’s my baby, she won’t poop.

Close up of bookshelf, shoes, Glitzy the Piggy Bank and her little lamb!

Over the door towel rack for her blankets

Close up of mobile-slash-hanging garden. These are real plants in the glass balls.

Closet and his & hers diaper bags



The Countdown Begins

Well, really the countdown began awhile ago, but this is the 10 weeks and counting countdown. The mother of all countdowns. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. Well, until I’m counting down the days until all of the other major milestones.

At 30 weeks, let me recap and give you a rundown of pregnant Laura. I’ll do this in list form, because I LOVE LISTS.

  • Nesting: still going on. If I could add feathers and sticks, I would.
  • The crying has subsided well enough to function. I’m not a fan of the sobs and they should never return. Ever.
  • I can’t sleep. There is no sleep. It’s like the obscure Bare Naked Ladies Song.
  • Yesterday at my doctor’s appointment, I got the TDAP vaccine, which I was dumb enough to get in my right arm. Here was Laura’s thought process “well a couple years ago, when I got my (just) tetanus, it didn’t hurt at all! This will be a piece of cake!” and “Sure, Lorraine, use my right arm, it’s the one right here facing you on the table! You don’t need to move! POKE AWAY!” Right, that was about the dumbest thing I could’ve done in a long time.
  • The giant knot Mr. Lulu has been rubbing on my back is really my sciatic nerve. Stupid nerve go back to where you came from.
  • I have one maternity sweater and the weather is getting chilly.
  • I’m having random freak outs about this Raptor hatching. I know I can’t stop it, I can be completely rational about the whole darn thing but it doesn’t make it easier.
  • I feel like an upside down turtle

So yeah. I got my 30 week pregnancy update and the Raptor is now long and weighs as much as a cabbage. It’s like I got a new cabbage patch kid, but I prefer to think of something like this (your’re welcome, Mom):


So we have 10 weeks left, which are chock full of birthdays, the county fair, a baby shower, lots of excitement at church, family visits, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Doctor still thinks I’m going to go earlier than November 29, so…maybe Thanksgiving we’ll have a baby instead of a turkey! Something like…

More Raptor Crafting

According to Baby Center, I have a rutabaga baby. I’m not sure what you use rutabagas for, but hey, what do I know. I gotta baby rutabaga.

Things here have been going well. I’m sore. OK, I’m gonna whine just a smidge. My back and right shoulder is in knots. Sometimes when I hiccup, she kicks me. She’s so nice. My child will be the bully on the playground 🙂

The crib comes tomorrow, but in the mean time, I thought I’d share some photos of things I’ve done for her room. Like her quilt. I love her quilt. When the crib is put together, I’ll show the crib skirt I made, but it’s just in a heap right now and not all that recognizable. I put pleats in it and darn it, I want you to see pleats!!! The crib skirt is the same material as the backing of the quilt. Nice, simple, and very pretty.

I also made her changing pad out of the material that is similar to her quilt. It is lined on the inside with laminate and then cushioned with some fusible fleece. The changing pad has a pocket to hold wipes and a couple diapers. It folds up to fit inside whatever bag I decide to use, which, by the way, I haven’t decided. I use a decent sized purse as it is, so is it entirely necessary to have a whole diaper bag? I mean, it seems cumbersome.

And while cleaning and rearranging rooms, I found old door hangers from college way back in the day. I used these to make (or maybe I never made them) name hangers for my sorority sisters. But I took them, covered them with fabric, cut out numbers, added roses that are shaded darker as the Raptor gets older, and will use them to hang in her closet to separate the clothes. They aren’t as fancy as the store bought hangers, but these also didn’t cost me anything and I used all the material I had floating around my sewing closet.

Another project I’ve done recently were burp clothes. These were an idea given to me by my friend, who has a friend who sells them. They are reusable diapers, with fabric sewn down the center and used as clothes.  I’ve made these this year for our church bazaar and hope they sell, but I had six diapers left over and thought I’d make some for home. Again, more fabric that was just lying around (I have enough to start a quilt shop). They are cute and hopefully function well. Then again, anything that can clean up a spill (or other things) is fine by me.


I’ve really enjoyed the sewing time. Not being in school has let me do a lot more than I usually get done while taking classes. Unfortunately, my sewing chair isn’t all that comfy and after awhile, I get kinda done sitting there (or anywhere, really). As the nursery progresses, I’ll post photos. I was going to post a photo of the mural, but figured it was already posted on Facebook, I’d wait for the crib to come and things to get put together and look presentable 🙂




21 weeks…or 19 and counting!

Right? 19? Oh dear…second guessing the math and pulling out the calculator…


No really, I did SO GOOD for about three or four weeks. I had a clear head and all was right with the world. And then this week it all fell apart again. My poor little brain can’t keep up. I’m not sure why. Mr. Lulu blames the Raptor and the fact that my brain isn’t receiving as many carbohydrates as it usually does, so I’m not thinking as well as I usually do.We wandered around Target yesterday and I kept saying “I KNOW I NEED SOMETHING.” Well, I still can’t remember so I must not have needed it. I did pick up one of those fancy new fabric softener bars. I’ll let you know how it works out.

So within the week of finding out what exactly the gender of the Raptor is, I have made myself excrutiatingly busy. The nesting is in full force with lots of cleaning and organizing. I’ve gone through my sewing patterns and pulled out which ones should be packed away (I can’t bear to get rid of them) and which should be left out. The office supplies have been weeded through and a large box of things have been freecycled. Photos have found a new home. We are slowly making space for the Raptor.

And of course the sewing. And the crafting. And the buying! We bought the Raptor the wall decal, which I’m super excited about. We went with NatureStyle’s decals on Etsy and I can’t wait for it to ship. The branch and flowers will be just like this one but the birds will be gold, which match the quilt I’ve made. Or the quilt that is nearly done (I bought the backing last night).

The room is a lovely shade of purple and I think it’ll be nice and tranquil. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for, but if the Raptor is a redhead, there will be nothing tranquil about it! We were going to go with a more formal looking mobile but I think we’ve opted for something more modern. When we buy it, I’ll post a photo.

I’ve had so much fun looking and shopping and window shopping. And getting stressed. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed and right now, my main goal is NOT getting overwhelmed! Or spend too much money. Which is REALLY EASY TO DO. Hopefully I can keep myself busy enough this weekend to stay out of the stores. 🙂



Sewing for the Raptor

All good Raptors deserve to have some homemade cute things when they are babies. Especially when you know they will want the lastest and greatest Hypercolor, Guess Jeans, whatever it is that kids will want to wear in thirteen years…I’m taking full advantage of this now.

Since finding out what sort of raptor we are expecting on Friday, I’ve been busy cutting, sewing, and planning. Not necessarily in any of those orders, but I am excited I can finally sew something for the baby.

First of all, pascifier clips sell for $5 each. EACH!!!! (at least at Buy Buy Baby, the price was similar at Babies R Us, I just can’t find the link). Um, HELLO!? I’m not paying that. I wouldn’t even ASK someone to pay that! HIGHWAY ROBBERY I say! I bought a pack of 25 clips for $8 and package of hair ties for $2. That’s $10 to make 25 clips. I have ribbon and fabric out the wazzoo. OK, i DID splurge when I found some super duper cute ribbon, but c’mon…

This was the result

I also made a minky blanket with trim. I’m not a fan of satin trim and shoulda gone with my initial instinct and bought just quilt trim, but eh, whatevs. She’s gonna puke on it anyways!

I love the softness of minky. I bought a yard (with coupon!) at Joanns and cut it in half, sewed it together and them trimmed it out. I’m not WHOLLY pleased with it but then again, like I said, the things she’ll do to that blanket!

And I’m not gonna let the Raptor run around naked. OK, who am I kidding. This is MY CHILD. She’ll be naked as a naked spectacled bear. But in the mean time, I’ll attempt to clothe her. The first onesie I made was with an iron on decal I found at Michaels. Sorry for the skewed image. But who doesn’t love a onesie that says “give peas a chance?” They don’t have a soul if they don’t think that’s cute.

The second one I made is for the little Raptor I know she is. I mean, this kid already does capoeira in my gut. Talk about TALENTED! But I wanted something fun and playful and um, hot pink tulle??? HECK YEAH! Besides, there will be a point when she looks at me sand says “really? mom? REALLY????” I know it’s coming. So what’s a little hot pink tulle witih a little black trim? I’ll be lucky if she wears it once. It’ll be a great photo op! Right? And I can hold it against her when she goes to prom in some weird cut out dress that’s too short and possibly some weird shade of seafoam green. I can pull out the photo and say “awww, but look how cute you were then! when we had you in this adorable little onesie!!!”

Yup, I’m that Mom. I’m ok with it, too.

Lastly, Mr. Lulu and I have been discussing the nursery a lot. My parents, who are super grandparents, offered to buy the crib for us. Of course I threw tradition in the wind and went with just using a dresser drawer (KIDDING!) but did pick out a more modern crib. The nursery will have cherry blossoms and is staying the same sweet color purple it already is. AS SOON AS we left the doctor’s office on Friday, I ran to the quilt shop to pick out fabrics. I waste NO TIME people. I have approximately 20 weeks left. Do you THINK I’m going to waste time on this??? No.

So I picked out fabrics and plan on using a form of the quilt pattern I found. It is on Samelia’s Mum blog and it’s the Sugar Almonds quilt pattern. I love the simplicity of it but how it showcases some fabrics. I’m not sure If I’m bordering this or not. I haven’t really decided yet. But this is the general jist of the blanket. It’s cut and pinned. The nice neat edges are fabric folded and tucked under. The backing will either be grey or purple, again, haven’t decided. I did pick up batting at Joanns, it was 50% off last week. My hope is that I can grow the quilt if the Raptor wants it bigger.

The fabrics are beautiful prints that Mr. Lulu helped put in some sort of color combination at Michelle’s Quilts, where I bought the fabric. The goal is to not have a super childish room for the Raptor. I’d prefer to have something she can grow up in. But we’ll see.

I could cross reference this post to my Original Lulu Bean blog and I may. This is too much fun sewing for her, right now. I’m just too excited!


I’m 20 weeks! WOO HOO! That means I am theoretically halfway there. Today Mr. Lulu and I go for the next sonogram, to make sure body parts and things are there and most importantly find out what what the gender of the Velociraptor is. So yeah, there will be a follow up blog post.

But I wanted to talk about nesting. Last weekend, Mr. Lulu and I did things like clean out our closets and get rid of clothes that needed to be donated (yay tax write off!) and re-organize the kitchen cabinets. When friends came over this week for dinner, I sent them home with four bags of baking and sewing things. As we were sitting in my fabric closet picking through bins of fabric, she said “what are you doing?” I said “organizing. it needs organized. I CANT TAKE IT!” and she started laughing. “You are NESTING. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Yeah, yeah, I am. This week included taking clothes to the thrift store, cleaning out our freezer and taking a billion bags to the trash place (I found the back of my freezer! why did I freeze eggplant? I HATE EGGPLANT!?) and mopping floors. There is still so much to do. The nice thing is though, I can go full tilt boogie after this afternoon. By the way, that MAY be the weirdest phrase every. Full tilt boogie??? Eh, whatever.

But it’s nice to run around my house preparing for the arrival of friends in October for the shower (HELLO MW FAMILY!) and the arrival of Raptor…well, whenever it hatches. Nesting reminds me of moving- you know, redoing your house the way you wanted it to begin with? We have still another 20 weeks to go, and I know it will go fast,  but it’ll be just fine. The nest will be well feathered for the Raptor.