Election Day, A Shower, and a Nursery

Today is election day and on my way to the polls I realized who I vote for will set up the first four years of the Raptor’s life. Kind of a really neat thought.

So third trimester…it stinks. Bad. I mean, I’ve tried really hard to maintain a positive outlook on the pregnancy and take things as they come, but OHMYGOODNESSMYBACKHURTS and HOLDONIHAVETOPEE. Really, I need to know how one pees so much. Where does it come from??? Besides the back pain, and the peeing, and the sciatic nerve issues, and the not sleeping (or sleeping too much) bit, it’s going really well! Way better than I thought it would. And as of today, we are (approximately) 23 days away.

Over the weekend, ladies from my church threw Mr. Lulu and I a baby shower. It was absolutely sweet as pie. I have always felt loved at St. Andrews but there is something wonderful about knowing you are surrounded with comfort and love and grace by others in your community. The Raptor was again spoiled with hats and toys and books and everything she needs to start out her life. I don’t have photos yet, but when I get them, I will post them. I know that no matter how I say thank you, it will never fully express my gratitude towards these ladies (and the church all together). And I have a whole roster of baby sisters and mama’s helpers!!! That’s a great gift in itself!

We’re just waiting now for the Raptor. I’ve started my third trimester nesting HARD, both at the house and the office and I’ve been running around like a mad-woman trying to clean up all the loose ends. I’ve also been told I “look like she’s dropping” but who knows. I go to the doctor again tomorrow, so maybe we’ll have an idea of what’s going on. I know, as of last week, she was just under 6 pounds. She was breech but flipped again, so who knows. She’s definitely opinionated and shares her frustrations when she has the hiccups. Not only do I get the rhythmic bounce from her spasms, but she flails her arms and legs if the hiccups don’t stop in a timely fashion.

Her nest nursery is all finished. I’m pleased with it. I really am. Here are photos for you to see! You know, before toys are thrown everywhere and she has drawn on the walls with permanent marker. Honestly though, Mr. Lulu and I are expecting her to walk out of me with a pair of Doc Maartens on, go in her room and hang anarchy posters. It’s just kinda how I see her.



Anyways, while it’s still sweet and pretty and put together…She has a decent size room, I love the purple. We still have to hang the blinds but we’ll get that done before she comes. Other than that, I think we just wait!

Comfy chair and bookshelf

Crib, mobile, and wall decal. Of course there’s a twilight turtle and her crib quilt!

Dresser & changing station. Though it’s my baby, she won’t poop.

Close up of bookshelf, shoes, Glitzy the Piggy Bank and her little lamb!

Over the door towel rack for her blankets

Close up of mobile-slash-hanging garden. These are real plants in the glass balls.

Closet and his & hers diaper bags



Third Trimester!

Happy third trimester! Or that is if you go by the third trimester starting during week 27. Which sounds good to me. New with me: I feel blimpy. I’m tired. I’m not sleeping. Yeah, a barrel of monkeys. (OK, so do you KNOW how many inappropriate and racist photos there are if you search “barrel of monkeys???) Anyways, I’m a whole lotta fun these days.

This week I get to go for my rhogam injection, because Mr. Lulu and I have opposing blood types. I imagine them warring with each other. I also get to go for blood work (WOO!) and my one hour diabetes test with that delicious looking orange drink that’s been sitting in my fridge. Color me (orange) excited.

The nursery has taken a back seat lately to me sleeping working on things for our church bazaar. No really, I have been. Mittens, and napkins, and sugar scrubs galore. I’ll actually spend this weekend canning for the bazaar (and taking my cut!) and sewing.

I have started work on an air plant mobile type thing. I’ve been back and forth on what sort of mobile to buy, but wanted something organic. It doesnt sound right when I try to write about it, but when it’s finished, I’ll post photos.

K, off to dinner with friends!

21 weeks…or 19 and counting!

Right? 19? Oh dear…second guessing the math and pulling out the calculator…


No really, I did SO GOOD for about three or four weeks. I had a clear head and all was right with the world. And then this week it all fell apart again. My poor little brain can’t keep up. I’m not sure why. Mr. Lulu blames the Raptor and the fact that my brain isn’t receiving as many carbohydrates as it usually does, so I’m not thinking as well as I usually do.We wandered around Target yesterday and I kept saying “I KNOW I NEED SOMETHING.” Well, I still can’t remember so I must not have needed it. I did pick up one of those fancy new fabric softener bars. I’ll let you know how it works out.

So within the week of finding out what exactly the gender of the Raptor is, I have made myself excrutiatingly busy. The nesting is in full force with lots of cleaning and organizing. I’ve gone through my sewing patterns and pulled out which ones should be packed away (I can’t bear to get rid of them) and which should be left out. The office supplies have been weeded through and a large box of things have been freecycled. Photos have found a new home. We are slowly making space for the Raptor.

And of course the sewing. And the crafting. And the buying! We bought the Raptor the wall decal, which I’m super excited about. We went with NatureStyle’s decals on Etsy and I can’t wait for it to ship. The branch and flowers will be just like this one but the birds will be gold, which match the quilt I’ve made. Or the quilt that is nearly done (I bought the backing last night).

The room is a lovely shade of purple and I think it’ll be nice and tranquil. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for, but if the Raptor is a redhead, there will be nothing tranquil about it! We were going to go with a more formal looking mobile but I think we’ve opted for something more modern. When we buy it, I’ll post a photo.

I’ve had so much fun looking and shopping and window shopping. And getting stressed. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed and right now, my main goal is NOT getting overwhelmed! Or spend too much money. Which is REALLY EASY TO DO. Hopefully I can keep myself busy enough this weekend to stay out of the stores. 🙂