So I started this blog post about two, maybe three weeks ago and I didn’t post it because I was waiting for my email to send me a photo and it didn’t… and then I forgot about the post and….*pant*pant*pant*

We’ll start over.


The Raptor is growing deliciously and if you wonder why I’m still calling her the Raptor, well, you should hear her. She makes this squawky-roar noise when she’s happy. And angry. Actually, the little thing is quite imperious, gives these very knowing looks of “DO MY BIDDING, MORTAL!” and then snuggles in and smiles and coos. She’s developing such an awesome personality.

We’ve gone through a lot since January, which is embarassingly my last post. She rolls. She is trying to sit up. She wants to walk. Hates the swing (it found itself a new home this weekend). Loves the exersaucer and walker (though not quite walking yet). She wants to see things and takes everything in as much as she can. It’s really amazing. She’ll be five months old on Saturday.

The Raptor survived her first Easter was about the sweetest thing ever. We had her baptised on April 7th and she only mildly flinched and protested. Her baptism gown was gorgeous and crocheted by her Godmother April. All four Godparents came and made the day all so special. We had a catered reception (THANKS, MARIA!) and everyone came back to the house afterwards, where the little Raptor rocked her hot pink tutu.


But there’s the little Raptor with all her glory (and hair turning reddish). She’s pretty awesome. We’re gonna keep her for awhile more.