No barometric baby here!

This is just a quick little update letting you know (I know, you are very worried) that Mr. Lulu, the Raptor, and I survived HURRICANE SANDY OF DOOOOOOOM!

In all fairness, we did deal with wind and rain for about 24 hours and it’s still going, but not as bad as what we had expected, or prepared for. We lost power twice, once for about five or ten minutes, the other for about eight hours. Now I have two cases of water and batteries and candles for the next weather event. At least we were prepared. Mr. Lulu can put the chainsaw away, the propane cooker away, and the buckets away. We did find out we have one slow leak in the roof, but I’ll take that over the gushers we’ve had in the past. And at least I don’t have to rip out the crown molding that was just put back up to fix the dry wall again. The bradford pear tree, that we were sure was going to go, is just a little lean-y and needs some V-8, but other than that, it’s ok.

I took yesterday off and this morning but I think I’ll go in this afternoon. Mr. Lulu took a ride and said all is clear, so there’s no reason to use precious leave sitting home on a cold and rainy day.

I’m very thankful that the Raptor decided to stay inside where it’s warm and comfy instead of being one of those hurricane/barometric/full moon babies I was often told of. She has dropped a little lower, which is fine, it’s about time for that journey to begin. As far as I’m concerned, she can wait until the next full moon to make her arrival. And the next full moon is November 28th, by the way, one day before her official due date.

So I hope everyone else faired as well as we did! From the sounds of it, all the local folk are doing well. And that’s great to hear. Everyone be safe and stay warm and dry.


Child Birth Class and stuff

I’m good at coming up with titles for my blogs. I like this one in particular. I mean, “child birth class and stuff.” I mean, that’s so articulate.

Well, articulation is the KEY my friends when you are graduate school educated, like I am. Words. Words are good. Words are hard. For example, this past Sunday in my Sunday school class while discussing lying with a bunch of teenagers, one of our students said “Mr. Lulu, you are so articulate using big words and Ms. Friess, you’re all like ‘lying is bad.'” The conversation went something like that. But it’s true. Out the window. Words are hard. I did so well my second trimester with remembering things and my brain being on top of everything and now…no. Did you know that frozen food is kept in the pantry? And that to take someone coffee, you should probably put the cup of coffee in your hand before walking up the steps? Craziness.

So Mr. Lulu and I went to 8 hours of childbirth class this past weekend. I was praying I wasn’t going to freeze up like I did on the hospital tour. There’s even a photo of me floating around on the interwebs of me after the hospital tour. Here it is…See…completely frozen. Same look on my face and everything. I never expected to be that person who couldn’t deal with watching a bed break down, but hey, apparently I am!

The good news is that at class, I was my normal, happy, laughing self who was joking along with everyone else. Not to say there weren’t parts of me that twinged (did you HAVE to show us the photos of degrees of tearing during a delivery???) and there were times when I felt a little faint (again, uber descriptions of the steps of an epidural were probably not necessary). However, I feel a little more confident and a little more in control of the situation. I mean, as much control as I can have when it comes to a baby popping out of me in some way, shape, or form. Because, I kind of assume that it’s all going to go down like this… or maybe not.

I think my favorite part of class (as an aside), was when another mom-to-be sat there with her eyes getting wider and wider and wider and finally said “WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE SO HORRIBLE?!?!?!” Agreed.

I was comforted by the fact that if I feel like I need to try different positions, I can. I’m not sure I entirely understand why most of the labor and delivery process is about the convenience of doctors. And maybe if I had a little more forethought into this whole thing, then I may have chosen to go to a  birthing center, but because of the complications I had getting here, I do find comfort in knowing that I will be at a full service hospital.

OH! something I forgot about, but the nurse who taught the class was SO KIND to remind me of…I’m a redhead. And in the last 33 years, I’ve taken pride in being a redhead. And while South Park and others (*ahem* my Sunday school class *ahem*) like to make comments about redheads, we are very special people. So special, my nurse said “I’m worried about YOU bleeding.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. I forgot. We’re bleeders. Usually once you get us bleeding (not necessarily an arm prick, but when things are injured, we bleed. We also feel pain differently. We tend to require more anesthetic but tend to respond well to morphine (I can concur with that statement).

So I hope when I go to the hospital to deliver the Raptor, we’ll all have the understanding that I’m a bleeder who requires more pain meds. And I do hope that they don’t go into explicit detail on how they are administering those pain meds. *shudder*

But all is well and going well and I can’t complain too much. Or if I do, I save that for Mr. Lulu to hear. And then I feel guilty about it. Terrible cycle… But anywho. All is well.

A really gushy catch up (no my water didn’t break)

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. So all I did was post photos of the shower with no shower commentary.

OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS THE BEST TIME EVER! No really, my sister threw us such a pretty shower filled with cherry blossoms to match her nursery and everthing was wonderful. We had friends come from near and far (I think Sue & Missy won as “who travelled furthest” but we had friends come from Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Illinois, and Indiana.)

It’s been extremely emotional for me to see how many people are supporting Mr. Lulu and I as we prepare for the Raptor’s hatching. It’s one of those things where you just say “oh my goodness, how are we so loved!” but we’ll take it! Absolutely. I couldn’t believe the outpouring of love and support One thing my sister did was create a “wishing tree” with cherry blossoms for people to write us or the Raptor wishes. I cried when I sat down and read them. We have the absolute sweetest friends ever. I use these gushy adjectives beause I cannot find better ones to use. My heart swells when I think of the love shared with us (cue emotional pregnant Lulu).

Mr. Lulu and I are incredibly indebted to Missy for her help after the shower. She helped organize, put things away, take things out of boxes…just moving baby gifts upstairs was a feat!

I was so sad to see everyone go, though. I wasn’t ready for people to leave, either after the shower, at the after party, or two days later when those that were left travelled home. It just made me sad, but I’m sure the next time I will see many of them, we’ll have the Raptor with us, in all her glory.

Speaking of, she’s magnificent. I say that because she measured four weeks ago at 4 1/2 pounds. We had another ultrasound and got to see her, this time getting a 3D photo of her. I have to admit, she’s darling. She’s also a world class flip flopper, tap dancer, and wiggle worm.

I go back to the doctor on Wednesday for a check up, but Mr. Lulu and I have questions about her size and her hatching, so we’ll see what the doc says. I’m so excited though. I can’t believe we have about six weeks left before we get to meet her.

I admit though, it’s getting difficult to move around. I’m exhausted and don’t have as much oomph to get out of the bed or chair as I used to. There’s not a whole lot of spring in this step!

And before I end this post, I do want to say that I had a fabulous weekend this past weekend with Mr. Lulu. We celebrated our 10th anniversary on Friday and I am not sure there is a better way to capstone a 10th anniversary than with the Raptor coming. And there is no one else I’d rather have spent the last ten years married to. Mr. Lulu is an awesome guy. He’s put up with A LOT (especially these last few months) and when I see him, I melt. 🙂

K, enough with the gushiness…

32 weeks

Wow! OK, so I’ve made it to 32 weeks! So much has been happening and yet nothing at all has been happening!

Since my last post, I turned another year older. Yup, I hit the big 33. Half way to 66, a 1/3 of the way to 99. The age of Jesus at his crucifixion. Mr. Lulu thinks it’s weird that that’s the first thing I think of but hey- 33 just feels like an odd age (no pun intended!) This year, because of the incubation of the Raptor, there was no table dancing, no delicious gin, no lampshades on head craziness. It was REALLY quiet, which is good because, well, I don’t have a whole lot of oomph in me anyways. The birthday weekend started by eating Indian food with my mother in law and father in law. They had never eaten Indian and we went to my favorite, Bollywood Masala. I love going there. Raj has no problem telling you to order something different or making you something extra special (HELLOOOOO SPINACH PAKORAS!) MIL brought cake! YUM! And we hung out at the lounge afterwards. It was such a lovely time!

My sister and her family came over the day before my actual celebratory day and we had a late lunch. They brought babka. Which I LOVE. Here is me blowing out a candle in my birthday babka! In the background is a picture of my niece (or mini-me) celebrating the birthday song. Her birthday is just two days before mine. She DID celebrate with complete raucous behavior by having seven girls spend the night at my sister’s house, complete with cake and ice cream and pizza.

Hubby and I celebrated with dinner at home, which is always nice. We grill a mean steak (c’mon, I need my iron!) and made brussel sprouts with bacon and roasted potatoes. There was fresh herbed bread and cajun crab dip too! Instead of the obligatory birthday cake, we split the most amazing eclair ever. mmmm…

Today was my 32 week check up with my OB. Everything is going just fine and dandy with the exception I’m still measuring big. Like two weeks big. Now, I’m not a TALL person. I have learned to embrace my ridiculously short stature and am hoping that it just means that there isn’t a whole lot of room in the torso for the Raptor and not that she is a mega-huge Raptor. We are going Tuesday for another sonogram just to make sure. With any luck, she’ll be a fine size and not an abnormal size.

Other final news…this weekend is my baby shower. YIPPEE!!! I get to see friends and family from near and far and I am so looking forward to celebrating with everyone! I’ll leave with a parting picture tonight- me at my 33rd birthday.


Groundhog Day

I woke up this morning with a migraine. A MIGRAINE? REALLY? I’ve gone approximately 20 weeks without a migraine, which is just about a world record, I think. At 7am, when I rolled over and Mr. Lulu was staring at me (normally at this time, I’m bringing coffee up the stairs for him, so he has it when he wakes up. I know, I’m a good wife), he asked if I was ok (At least it wasn’t “where’s my coffee?”)

I told told him I wasn’t feeling well. I only woke up once in the middle of the night, was still exhausted, and my head hurt. I said “it’s like the first trimester…except a little bit louder and a whole lot worse.”


Not really worse, I’m not rushing out to the emergency room, but this time as I tried to sleep it off, the Raptor was energetically doing her best Jane Fonda impression.Head thumping. Gut thumping.

I’m assuming that the headache is a spawn of yesterday’s fun and excitement, which included a whacked out eating schedule. Today, in between naps, I’ve made sure to eat a regular breakfast and lunch and drink plenty of fluid. My headache isn’t gone, but I haven’t taken any tylenol since 8am. And despite sleeping…I could probably still go to sleep. I’m trying to hang on until bed time though. We’ll see.

So here we go, feeling like it’s Groundhog Day…and hoping tomorrow I don’t wake up to the same song on the radio.

The Countdown Begins

Well, really the countdown began awhile ago, but this is the 10 weeks and counting countdown. The mother of all countdowns. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. Well, until I’m counting down the days until all of the other major milestones.

At 30 weeks, let me recap and give you a rundown of pregnant Laura. I’ll do this in list form, because I LOVE LISTS.

  • Nesting: still going on. If I could add feathers and sticks, I would.
  • The crying has subsided well enough to function. I’m not a fan of the sobs and they should never return. Ever.
  • I can’t sleep. There is no sleep. It’s like the obscure Bare Naked Ladies Song.
  • Yesterday at my doctor’s appointment, I got the TDAP vaccine, which I was dumb enough to get in my right arm. Here was Laura’s thought process “well a couple years ago, when I got my (just) tetanus, it didn’t hurt at all! This will be a piece of cake!” and “Sure, Lorraine, use my right arm, it’s the one right here facing you on the table! You don’t need to move! POKE AWAY!” Right, that was about the dumbest thing I could’ve done in a long time.
  • The giant knot Mr. Lulu has been rubbing on my back is really my sciatic nerve. Stupid nerve go back to where you came from.
  • I have one maternity sweater and the weather is getting chilly.
  • I’m having random freak outs about this Raptor hatching. I know I can’t stop it, I can be completely rational about the whole darn thing but it doesn’t make it easier.
  • I feel like an upside down turtle

So yeah. I got my 30 week pregnancy update and the Raptor is now long and weighs as much as a cabbage. It’s like I got a new cabbage patch kid, but I prefer to think of something like this (your’re welcome, Mom):


So we have 10 weeks left, which are chock full of birthdays, the county fair, a baby shower, lots of excitement at church, family visits, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Doctor still thinks I’m going to go earlier than November 29, so…maybe Thanksgiving we’ll have a baby instead of a turkey! Something like…