So I started this blog post about two, maybe three weeks ago and I didn’t post it because I was waiting for my email to send me a photo and it didn’t… and then I forgot about the post and….*pant*pant*pant*

We’ll start over.


The Raptor is growing deliciously and if you wonder why I’m still calling her the Raptor, well, you should hear her. She makes this squawky-roar noise when she’s happy. And angry. Actually, the little thing is quite imperious, gives these very knowing looks of “DO MY BIDDING, MORTAL!” and then snuggles in and smiles and coos. She’s developing such an awesome personality.

We’ve gone through a lot since January, which is embarassingly my last post. She rolls. She is trying to sit up. She wants to walk. Hates the swing (it found itself a new home this weekend). Loves the exersaucer and walker (though not quite walking yet). She wants to see things and takes everything in as much as she can. It’s really amazing. She’ll be five months old on Saturday.

The Raptor survived her first Easter was about the sweetest thing ever. We had her baptised on April 7th and she only mildly flinched and protested. Her baptism gown was gorgeous and crocheted by her Godmother April. All four Godparents came and made the day all so special. We had a catered reception (THANKS, MARIA!) and everyone came back to the house afterwards, where the little Raptor rocked her hot pink tutu.


But there’s the little Raptor with all her glory (and hair turning reddish). She’s pretty awesome. We’re gonna keep her for awhile more.


New header and such

I finally got around to changing the header of the blog. I was thinking the pregnant belly needed to go, seeing as it’s been six weeks and frankly, lets move past the pregnant belly! I’m not sure I’m going to keep this one, it isn’t my favorite, but we’ll see.

So, six weeks. The Raptor is six weeks old now. Let’s recap:

  • She loves being held. As in, we can’t get anything done unless we’re baby wearing. Which is tiresome. I love her, but oh my goodness, please for the love, let me put you down and clean.
  • She is growing like a weed. She’s pushed past the 10 pound mark now.
  • She spent the first night in her crib last night. I’d say it was an 85% success. It’s too cold and when her little hands felt like ice blocks it was time to move her some place warmer. We need to figure that out before tonight.
  • She’s eating. OH MY GOODNESS IS THIS KID EATING. So much that we called the pediatrician because she was going beyond 2.5 ounces per pound. We have a great pediatrician who said, “if she’s hungry, you should probably feed her.”
  • Napping? What’s a nap? Hopefully this is part of the six week growth spurt. She takes catnaps but not much more. It’s quite irritating.
  • Ceiling fans are AMAZING!
  • Oh does this girl SMILE!!!!

But the Raptor is doing fantastic. We are still smitten (even when she’s screaming when we try to put her down).

In other news, it’s difficult to believe maternity leave is half way finished. It’s somewhat quiet sometimes but we’ve had lots of friends and family come to visit. I wish I could say I’ve been sewing or creating some masterpiece, but unfortunately, that’s not been happening. Mostly because the Raptor refuses to be put down long enough to sew.

But we’re good…and no new pictures, sorry. Every time I’ve tried pulling out the camera, someone makes a sour face. Not pretty…though, I should post those too. Maybe next time!

Merry Christmas

The great thing about being an Episcopalian is that we really do celebrate Christmas through Epiphany…or the REAL twelve days of Christmas. These people who start the twelve days BEFORE Christmas begins are all wrong and misinformed…

Anyways…I use this as an excuse to post a Merry Christmas post…see…I’m not belated! It’s all good! We have had a most amazing month here at the Raptor Nest. Yeah, I’ve given up and the house now belongs to the Raptor.

First…she’s a month old! HOLY COW! Mr. Lulu and I didn’t kill our baby and our baby didn’t kill us! That in itself is amazing. But even more amazing is the Raptor. She’s grown SO MUCH. She’s more than three inches longer and has put on two pounds-ish. She coos and smiles (even when it’s not gas), and watches everything around her. Her sleeping schedule has gotten mostly more normal. She eats at 10ish at night, wakes up at 3ish, and then again at 7ish. Mr. Lulu and I still sit and stare at her. She’s gorgeous. She’s fun. She wakes up and looks at you with this most adorable face.

I’ll admit it, I have the cutest baby EVER.

ruby before bank

Christmas was a bit of a blur this year. As in…lots of people stopping through, lots of people saying hello, our first visit back to church… it was kind of crazy. The Raptor met her two great grandmothers, saw four sets of grandparents. She met friends from all over. And probably in the week surround Christmas, never once was put down. Which of course, is causing it’s own set of issues, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The Raptor was truly spoiled this Christmas with clothes, shoes, ornaments, a grocery cart cushion made by Grandma (so cute!), a light up bug…and so much more.


This was one of Mr. Lulu and I’s favorites to add to the library. Good Night iPad is a must read for today’s family!

There was so much excitement and joy and even though it was so overwhelming, neither Mr. Lulu or I would trade it for the world.

I know I missing much, but it is impossible to encapsulate everything. I’ll just leave this post with a photo of the three of us on Christmas.


Raptor Likes & Dislikes

So far you like:

  • koala-bearing on people’s chest. it’s so stinkin’ cute315803_10151272229414019_77838013_n
  • eating. every 2 hours. we have an app to track this.
  • the fan/ heater in the upstairs bathroom. you are very happy when we go in there with you and turn it on. fine by us! Makes changing diapers much easier.

You dislike:

  • the cold
  • getting your diaper changed if you are not in the upstairs bathroom with the heater on
  • being too far away from people

A week past hatching.

“Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up…”

I last wrote mid November. Really, there wasn’t much going on because, let’s face it, the holidays were approaching. The due date was approaching. Nothing was happening and why get too excited over something that may or may not happen when it was supposed to.

Until it did.

I could write my birth story, but again, I will sum up. On Monday the 26, I went for a dose of Cervidil. We packed bags just in case, nothing happened. I went home and had a fabulous steak dinner. Who knew that’d be my last meal for over 24 hours. That night around 915, my water broke. The trip to the hospital included shakes, contractions, and singing along to Justin Beiber. As the next 26 hours progressed, it included walking laps in the labor ward, stadol, pitocin, epidural, cervical regression, and finally a c section.

I didn’t have the birthing experience I wanted, even though I said I had no expectations. But once the water breaks and you have a ticking clock to get the baby out, it’s just time. I was exhausted, not having eaten in over 24 hours, not having slept more than 2 hours over the course of that day… there was no way I could’ve physically pushed out a baby at that point anyways.

But what happened was the most amazing experience of hearing a baby cry as she was pulled from me. And having her snuggle up on my chest. And coming home and looking at Mr. Lulu and saying “Can you believe they let us bring her home?”

The Raptor is a week old now. She was born November 27, 2012 at 11pm. She was 17 3/4 inches long and weighed just 7 pounds 3 ounces. She’s a tiny raptor.


Things I am not.

There are things that you should never say to a pregnant woman. I can’t tell you how many postings on the internet there are about this subject. They include everything from “you’re huge” to “are you sure it isn’t twins?” But the one thing, the one stinkin’ thing I can’t stand hearing is…


REALLY?? I am about to pop??? Let’s discuss things I am not.

I am not…a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon. Yes, I am 38 weeks pregnant and Thanksgiving is a week away. But I am not filled with helium with a bunch of handlers as I float down the streets of New York City.

A turkey. Nor has my “turkey timer” popped out. I realize this is a rite of passage for a lot of women to see their belly button invert itself. Mine is still securely in it’s normal position. There’s no reason to even think in the next couple weeks that my belly button will stick out. No, it will not magically pop out on Thanksgiving Day, even if I eat a lot. The only change to my belly button is that you can see my scar from my laparoscopic surgery I had in college.

A blimp. I am not a blimp. The Hindenburg (I refuse to Google pictures of the Hindenburg to see if there are any of it in it’s fiery glory). I am not something that just floats along, taking up space, and is randomly useful.

Anything related to popcorn, the Jiffy Pop Explosions, or anything of that nature. I promise you, my mid section is not going to explode to reveal my baby. Or a tasty treat.

Maybe at 38 weeks, I’m a little sensitive to this whole thing. But, I’m not about to pop. I promise.

Election Day, A Shower, and a Nursery

Today is election day and on my way to the polls I realized who I vote for will set up the first four years of the Raptor’s life. Kind of a really neat thought.

So third trimester…it stinks. Bad. I mean, I’ve tried really hard to maintain a positive outlook on the pregnancy and take things as they come, but OHMYGOODNESSMYBACKHURTS and HOLDONIHAVETOPEE. Really, I need to know how one pees so much. Where does it come from??? Besides the back pain, and the peeing, and the sciatic nerve issues, and the not sleeping (or sleeping too much) bit, it’s going really well! Way better than I thought it would. And as of today, we are (approximately) 23 days away.

Over the weekend, ladies from my church threw Mr. Lulu and I a baby shower. It was absolutely sweet as pie. I have always felt loved at St. Andrews but there is something wonderful about knowing you are surrounded with comfort and love and grace by others in your community. The Raptor was again spoiled with hats and toys and books and everything she needs to start out her life. I don’t have photos yet, but when I get them, I will post them. I know that no matter how I say thank you, it will never fully express my gratitude towards these ladies (and the church all together). And I have a whole roster of baby sisters and mama’s helpers!!! That’s a great gift in itself!

We’re just waiting now for the Raptor. I’ve started my third trimester nesting HARD, both at the house and the office and I’ve been running around like a mad-woman trying to clean up all the loose ends. I’ve also been told I “look like she’s dropping” but who knows. I go to the doctor again tomorrow, so maybe we’ll have an idea of what’s going on. I know, as of last week, she was just under 6 pounds. She was breech but flipped again, so who knows. She’s definitely opinionated and shares her frustrations when she has the hiccups. Not only do I get the rhythmic bounce from her spasms, but she flails her arms and legs if the hiccups don’t stop in a timely fashion.

Her nest nursery is all finished. I’m pleased with it. I really am. Here are photos for you to see! You know, before toys are thrown everywhere and she has drawn on the walls with permanent marker. Honestly though, Mr. Lulu and I are expecting her to walk out of me with a pair of Doc Maartens on, go in her room and hang anarchy posters. It’s just kinda how I see her.



Anyways, while it’s still sweet and pretty and put together…She has a decent size room, I love the purple. We still have to hang the blinds but we’ll get that done before she comes. Other than that, I think we just wait!

Comfy chair and bookshelf

Crib, mobile, and wall decal. Of course there’s a twilight turtle and her crib quilt!

Dresser & changing station. Though it’s my baby, she won’t poop.

Close up of bookshelf, shoes, Glitzy the Piggy Bank and her little lamb!

Over the door towel rack for her blankets

Close up of mobile-slash-hanging garden. These are real plants in the glass balls.

Closet and his & hers diaper bags