No barometric baby here!

This is just a quick little update letting you know (I know, you are very worried) that Mr. Lulu, the Raptor, and I survived HURRICANE SANDY OF DOOOOOOOM!

In all fairness, we did deal with wind and rain for about 24 hours and it’s still going, but not as bad as what we had expected, or prepared for. We lost power twice, once for about five or ten minutes, the other for about eight hours. Now I have two cases of water and batteries and candles for the next weather event. At least we were prepared. Mr. Lulu can put the chainsaw away, the propane cooker away, and the buckets away. We did find out we have one slow leak in the roof, but I’ll take that over the gushers we’ve had in the past. And at least I don’t have to rip out the crown molding that was just put back up to fix the dry wall again. The bradford pear tree, that we were sure was going to go, is just a little lean-y and needs some V-8, but other than that, it’s ok.

I took yesterday off and this morning but I think I’ll go in this afternoon. Mr. Lulu took a ride and said all is clear, so there’s no reason to use precious leave sitting home on a cold and rainy day.

I’m very thankful that the Raptor decided to stay inside where it’s warm and comfy instead of being one of those hurricane/barometric/full moon babies I was often told of. She has dropped a little lower, which is fine, it’s about time for that journey to begin. As far as I’m concerned, she can wait until the next full moon to make her arrival. And the next full moon is November 28th, by the way, one day before her official due date.

So I hope everyone else faired as well as we did! From the sounds of it, all the local folk are doing well. And that’s great to hear. Everyone be safe and stay warm and dry.


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