The Countdown Begins

Well, really the countdown began awhile ago, but this is the 10 weeks and counting countdown. The mother of all countdowns. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. Well, until I’m counting down the days until all of the other major milestones.

At 30 weeks, let me recap and give you a rundown of pregnant Laura. I’ll do this in list form, because I LOVE LISTS.

  • Nesting: still going on. If I could add feathers and sticks, I would.
  • The crying has subsided well enough to function. I’m not a fan of the sobs and they should never return. Ever.
  • I can’t sleep. There is no sleep. It’s like the obscure Bare Naked Ladies Song.
  • Yesterday at my doctor’s appointment, I got the TDAP vaccine, which I was dumb enough to get in my right arm. Here was Laura’s thought process “well a couple years ago, when I got my (just) tetanus, it didn’t hurt at all! This will be a piece of cake!” and “Sure, Lorraine, use my right arm, it’s the one right here facing you on the table! You don’t need to move! POKE AWAY!” Right, that was about the dumbest thing I could’ve done in a long time.
  • The giant knot Mr. Lulu has been rubbing on my back is really my sciatic nerve. Stupid nerve go back to where you came from.
  • I have one maternity sweater and the weather is getting chilly.
  • I’m having random freak outs about this Raptor hatching. I know I can’t stop it, I can be completely rational about the whole darn thing but it doesn’t make it easier.
  • I feel like an upside down turtle

So yeah. I got my 30 week pregnancy update and the Raptor is now long and weighs as much as a cabbage. It’s like I got a new cabbage patch kid, but I prefer to think of something like this (your’re welcome, Mom):


So we have 10 weeks left, which are chock full of birthdays, the county fair, a baby shower, lots of excitement at church, family visits, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Doctor still thinks I’m going to go earlier than November 29, so…maybe Thanksgiving we’ll have a baby instead of a turkey! Something like…


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