10 1/2 weeks and a hospital tour

Welp, we’re on the official fall schedule here at the Lulu house. This means, everything is crazy. And by crazy, I mean schedules so chock full and time running away from us. I did the countdown this morning and it’s ten and a half weeks until the arrival of the Raptor.

Mr. Lulu and I have made it a point to cram many of our “most wanted to do” list (within reason, no trips to Fiji planned) and visit people and eat at some of our favorite places. Yesterday was no exception when on our way to Baltimore, we stopped at one of our favorite dives in PG County called “Grizzly’s.” THE BEST WINGS EVER. No joke. They really are! Then before hitting our friends’ daughter’s first birthday, we stopped at Ft. McHenry.

Now, Ft. McHenry is a lovely place right on the Patapsco River. It has a beautiful park and walkway around the river’s edge that is available without paying the admission fee. Most of the museum is dedicated to the Star Spangled Banner (obviously) but if you look at the fort in an architectural-slash-civil engineering project, it’s pretty awesome. The water table is kind of high and the drainage stinks, so there were some hurdles in getting the fort built. We didn’t spend a whole lot of time there, but did talk to an EXTREMELY¬†knowledgeable park ranger who enjoyed discussing infrastructure like we do.

Saturday was a nice contrast to our Sunday calendar. Mr. Lulu and I went for our tour of Calvert Memorial Hospital in preparation of the Raptor joining us. I haven’t been psyched out about the Raptor coming out of me, figuring it’ll happen in some way, but this shook me up a little bit. I’m not sure why. I’ve full faith in my obstetrician and the hospital is extremely competent. It could just be the realization that the due date is fast approaching. The clock is ticking and suddenly I feel like Jessie Spano in Saved by the Bell when in reality, there is plenty of time and there isn’t a whole lot left I need to do except incubate the Raptor.

And I’m not even sure it’s the time issue but the realization that I’m going to be in pain and a whole lot is going to fall out of me in some way shape or form. And that lots of people will be poking me. And how my hospital is forty-five minutes away and that’s making me a little uneasy. Either way, Mr. Lulu said I had this look of horror on my face during the tour.

I came home shell shocked and nervous and have begun baking and cleaning because, well, that’s what I do. I’ll let you know if my hazelnut bars turn out. And the good news is I can wear my own hospital gown, and I downloaded a pattern, so that’ll be my next project. Yes, I realize I’m going to end up getting ick all over it, but you know, it’s one more thing to distract me in the mean time before November 29th comes around.


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