Kick, Punch, Wiggle Wiggle

It’s the new dance craze. You should try it out. First you kick one leg (preferably knocking into someone’s kidney) then you punch out an arm or two (again, strike a vital organ or nerve center), and the wiggle wiggle wiggle your body around.

I’d like to think the Raptor is a trendsetter by starting this dance craze. She even has me doing it (especially when she hits those vital nerves). And what’s great are the sympathy dances Mr. Lulu does! Poor guy has been suffering the back and hip pain right along with me. I really feel for him (and hope he doesn’t get labor pains with me! I need someone to be strong!)

Many people have told me I’ll miss this feeling of the Raptor doing her scheduled dances (5am, 830am, 1030am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 9pm-ish), but I don’t know. There is something surreal about it all. Something disjointed and unworldly. I know it’s right and it’s what’s supposed to happen (I’m happy she moves, believe me!) but there is something so strange about it. It’s probably the one thing I haven’t learned to love about being pregnant. But then again, I don’t know if you have to love anything about being pregnant except the end result. And that part, the end result, I know will be love.

Who couldn’t love something that looks like this?


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