No Diabetes!!!


I got the call today from my doctor’s office saying I don’t have gestational diabetes. HUZZAH!!! On Wednesday, I had to drink that orange stuff (which, going down wasn’t NEARLY AS BAD as what everyone said, until afterwards, when I had an upset stomach) but I had to drink that stuff in front of a project manager from another utility company while we discussed an issue we were dealing with for a major project. I hid the orange stuff in my travel mug, but I’m not sure I hid my faces very well (I hope that’s not why I haven’t heard from him yet!)  Oh- let’s talk sugar crash afterwards….I could barely keep my eyes open. That was an “oh geez am I going to make it home” moment and then I napped. And sleeping isn’t my strong suit these days but that sugar crash was HORRID.

I also went and had lots of blood drawn and my rhogam shot. It didn’t hurt (thank you RUMP!) but I did forget about the bandaid (oops!) when I went for a massage yesterday. And lets talk prenatal massages. Yes, lovely. But I hurt still today, like I did yesterday. I’m guessing this has to do with me feeling like a Weeble. So everything is moving along and





No, really, there’s a bit of a shock there! I’m seven months pregnant (HOLY WHA??)

By the way, I plan on doing a full nursery post, when I feel the nursery is well and complete. Which, it doesn’t feel like it because carpets need shampooed, tools need put away, and there are other odds and ends that need cleaned up.

 While I’m a propros-ing of nothing…Easy Mac leaves the worst taste in your mouth. EW. Which I’m glad I don’t have the diabetes, because I can follow up my Easy Mac with a pear and a Jell-o pudding snack. Ahhh…quick and dirty food. 🙂

And for those curious, the sobs have subsided a little, but there is little filter on my mouth these days. Please, don’t be alarmed if I’m mouthier than usual.

One more thing…my pear is gross.


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