Third Trimester!

Happy third trimester! Or that is if you go by the third trimester starting during week 27. Which sounds good to me. New with me: I feel blimpy. I’m tired. I’m not sleeping. Yeah, a barrel of monkeys. (OK, so do you KNOW how many inappropriate and racist photos there are if you search “barrel of monkeys???) Anyways, I’m a whole lotta fun these days.

This week I get to go for my rhogam injection, because Mr. Lulu and I have opposing blood types. I imagine them warring with each other. I also get to go for blood work (WOO!) and my one hour diabetes test with that delicious looking orange drink that’s been sitting in my fridge. Color me (orange) excited.

The nursery has taken a back seat lately to me sleeping working on things for our church bazaar. No really, I have been. Mittens, and napkins, and sugar scrubs galore. I’ll actually spend this weekend canning for the bazaar (and taking my cut!) and sewing.

I have started work on an air plant mobile type thing. I’ve been back and forth on what sort of mobile to buy, but wanted something organic. It doesnt sound right when I try to write about it, but when it’s finished, I’ll post photos.

K, off to dinner with friends!


3 thoughts on “Third Trimester!

  1. That orange stuff is way better refrigerated than not!! I can imagine an air plant mobile thing looking like a hanging vine with no basket to hold dirt. I was at my tiredest(probably not a real word) during the 3rd trimester. Well those are my random thoughts on your blog for the day. Lol. Oh yeah-I love you!! Can’t wait to see this red-headed raptor!!!

  2. Yah, fellow negative blood type buddy! Man, the Rhogam shot really hurt this time. Boo. How did your appointment go otherwise? That drink made my stomach/throat burn.

    • Oh that orange stuff…I got it down but keeping it there was something else!!! I have to wait for the results (FINGERS CROSSED!) I love having people to share in the joy/ misery of this all. Thank you so much for commenting! (headed to your blog now!)

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