We Monticello-ed, but I can’t show you photos.

It was another eventful weekend at the Lulu et al Maison. Mr. Lulu and I, who are both unable to vacation currently, have taken to day trips around the area to find new and exciting things to do and see. We did the National Building Museum the other week and this weekend, we drove down to Charlottesville, VA to visit Monticello.

(Side note: Monticello is awesome, not nearly as big as what i thought it would be. it was brilliantly constructed, reconstructed, and has many innovated designs in place by Thomas Jefferson. It was disappointing to not be able to take photos inside, but I understand.The grounds are lovely, the gardens are gorgeous, and there was so much to see. We also went to Michie Tavern for lunch, which is an 18th century ordinary. The food was fabulous, with good southern service, and it was just lovely)

This is the only photo WordPress didn’t flip upside down.

We’ve been busy getting the nursery set up. The crib came, is put together, and when the nursery is all finished, I’ll post completed photographs. I don’t want to piece-meal it. I did hang her name and started a hand made light switch cover that matches her room, based on a tutorial I found on Apartment Therapy. The first one I made ended up being too small and we’ve had to move things around because ours is a double light switch, but I’m pleased with it. I’ll paint it tomorrow or this weekend.

And on another note, I’m 6 1/2 months pregnant tomorrow, which seems totally wackadoodle, but I’m really excited. I went to the doctor today and all is good! I go back in two weeks for those beloved diabetes tests and rogham shots! YAY ME!


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