More Raptor Crafting

According to Baby Center, I have a rutabaga baby. I’m not sure what you use rutabagas for, but hey, what do I know. I gotta baby rutabaga.

Things here have been going well. I’m sore. OK, I’m gonna whine just a smidge. My back and right shoulder is in knots. Sometimes when I hiccup, she kicks me. She’s so nice. My child will be the bully on the playground 🙂

The crib comes tomorrow, but in the mean time, I thought I’d share some photos of things I’ve done for her room. Like her quilt. I love her quilt. When the crib is put together, I’ll show the crib skirt I made, but it’s just in a heap right now and not all that recognizable. I put pleats in it and darn it, I want you to see pleats!!! The crib skirt is the same material as the backing of the quilt. Nice, simple, and very pretty.

I also made her changing pad out of the material that is similar to her quilt. It is lined on the inside with laminate and then cushioned with some fusible fleece. The changing pad has a pocket to hold wipes and a couple diapers. It folds up to fit inside whatever bag I decide to use, which, by the way, I haven’t decided. I use a decent sized purse as it is, so is it entirely necessary to have a whole diaper bag? I mean, it seems cumbersome.

And while cleaning and rearranging rooms, I found old door hangers from college way back in the day. I used these to make (or maybe I never made them) name hangers for my sorority sisters. But I took them, covered them with fabric, cut out numbers, added roses that are shaded darker as the Raptor gets older, and will use them to hang in her closet to separate the clothes. They aren’t as fancy as the store bought hangers, but these also didn’t cost me anything and I used all the material I had floating around my sewing closet.

Another project I’ve done recently were burp clothes. These were an idea given to me by my friend, who has a friend who sells them. They are reusable diapers, with fabric sewn down the center and used as clothes.  I’ve made these this year for our church bazaar and hope they sell, but I had six diapers left over and thought I’d make some for home. Again, more fabric that was just lying around (I have enough to start a quilt shop). They are cute and hopefully function well. Then again, anything that can clean up a spill (or other things) is fine by me.


I’ve really enjoyed the sewing time. Not being in school has let me do a lot more than I usually get done while taking classes. Unfortunately, my sewing chair isn’t all that comfy and after awhile, I get kinda done sitting there (or anywhere, really). As the nursery progresses, I’ll post photos. I was going to post a photo of the mural, but figured it was already posted on Facebook, I’d wait for the crib to come and things to get put together and look presentable 🙂





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