24 Weeks…Viable Baby

Wow, I’ve made it to 24 weeks! Color me surprised! No really, I am. We now have a viable baby. In case anything happens, the hospital will work to save the baby. (HAPPY!)

It’s been a busy few weeks since our last sonogram appointment. Mr. Lulu and I have steadily been working on her room. The mural is up. The quilt is done. The blanket rack for the door was purchased. The crib is ordered. There are things like cleaning that need done but eh, seems so overrated. Actually, that’s this weekend’s plan.

We went to have a sonogram today to see the Raptor’s face. She decided that wrapping her legs and arms in front of her face was a good idea. It took nearly an hour to get a profile. We have no new sonogram photos, no 3d scans… I’m hoping maybe we can do another when I hit the third trimester, but we’ll see.

In the meantime, she keeps to a regular schedule of waking me up before the alarm and having a random dance party in the evening, with spurts of activity during the day. Everyone keeps saying that I will miss the feeling of her kicking and punching me, but I’m not so sure I will. Really, I’m not sure.

So here we are…fourteen weeks (there abouts) left. And everyone is happy and healthy. YAY!


2 thoughts on “24 Weeks…Viable Baby

  1. Ha! I had to leave a comment because I love raptors and am cackling that you call your baby that. I’m 7 months, due November 4th. Good to see another November mom here.

    • Hey! You know, if I didn’t think she was trying to tear at my insides sometimes, then I’d probably have a sweeter name for her! But then again, she’ll be the only Raptor around!!!

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