Sewing for the Raptor

All good Raptors deserve to have some homemade cute things when they are babies. Especially when you know they will want the lastest and greatest Hypercolor, Guess Jeans, whatever it is that kids will want to wear in thirteen years…I’m taking full advantage of this now.

Since finding out what sort of raptor we are expecting on Friday, I’ve been busy cutting, sewing, and planning. Not necessarily in any of those orders, but I am excited I can finally sew something for the baby.

First of all, pascifier clips sell for $5 each. EACH!!!! (at least at Buy Buy Baby, the price was similar at Babies R Us, I just can’t find the link). Um, HELLO!? I’m not paying that. I wouldn’t even ASK someone to pay that! HIGHWAY ROBBERY I say! I bought a pack of 25 clips for $8 and package of hair ties for $2. That’s $10 to make 25 clips. I have ribbon and fabric out the wazzoo. OK, i DID splurge when I found some super duper cute ribbon, but c’mon…

This was the result

I also made a minky blanket with trim. I’m not a fan of satin trim and shoulda gone with my initial instinct and bought just quilt trim, but eh, whatevs. She’s gonna puke on it anyways!

I love the softness of minky. I bought a yard (with coupon!) at Joanns and cut it in half, sewed it together and them trimmed it out. I’m not WHOLLY pleased with it but then again, like I said, the things she’ll do to that blanket!

And I’m not gonna let the Raptor run around naked. OK, who am I kidding. This is MY CHILD. She’ll be naked as a naked spectacled bear. But in the mean time, I’ll attempt to clothe her. The first onesie I made was with an iron on decal I found at Michaels. Sorry for the skewed image. But who doesn’t love a onesie that says “give peas a chance?” They don’t have a soul if they don’t think that’s cute.

The second one I made is for the little Raptor I know she is. I mean, this kid already does capoeira in my gut. Talk about TALENTED! But I wanted something fun and playful and um, hot pink tulle??? HECK YEAH! Besides, there will be a point when she looks at me sand says “really? mom? REALLY????” I know it’s coming. So what’s a little hot pink tulle witih a little black trim? I’ll be lucky if she wears it once. It’ll be a great photo op! Right? And I can hold it against her when she goes to prom in some weird cut out dress that’s too short and possibly some weird shade of seafoam green. I can pull out the photo and say “awww, but look how cute you were then! when we had you in this adorable little onesie!!!”

Yup, I’m that Mom. I’m ok with it, too.

Lastly, Mr. Lulu and I have been discussing the nursery a lot. My parents, who are super grandparents, offered to buy the crib for us. Of course I threw tradition in the wind and went with just using a dresser drawer (KIDDING!) but did pick out a more modern crib. The nursery will have cherry blossoms and is staying the same sweet color purple it already is. AS SOON AS we left the doctor’s office on Friday, I ran to the quilt shop to pick out fabrics. I waste NO TIME people. I have approximately 20 weeks left. Do you THINK I’m going to waste time on this??? No.

So I picked out fabrics and plan on using a form of the quilt pattern I found. It is on Samelia’s Mum blog and it’s the Sugar Almonds quilt pattern. I love the simplicity of it but how it showcases some fabrics. I’m not sure If I’m bordering this or not. I haven’t really decided yet. But this is the general jist of the blanket. It’s cut and pinned. The nice neat edges are fabric folded and tucked under. The backing will either be grey or purple, again, haven’t decided. I did pick up batting at Joanns, it was 50% off last week. My hope is that I can grow the quilt if the Raptor wants it bigger.

The fabrics are beautiful prints that Mr. Lulu helped put in some sort of color combination at Michelle’s Quilts, where I bought the fabric. The goal is to not have a super childish room for the Raptor. I’d prefer to have something she can grow up in. But we’ll see.

I could cross reference this post to my Original Lulu Bean blog and I may. This is too much fun sewing for her, right now. I’m just too excited!


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