I’m 20 weeks! WOO HOO! That means I am theoretically halfway there. Today Mr. Lulu and I go for the next sonogram, to make sure body parts and things are there and most importantly find out what what the gender of the Velociraptor is. So yeah, there will be a follow up blog post.

But I wanted to talk about nesting. Last weekend, Mr. Lulu and I did things like clean out our closets and get rid of clothes that needed to be donated (yay tax write off!) and re-organize the kitchen cabinets. When friends came over this week for dinner, I sent them home with four bags of baking and sewing things. As we were sitting in my fabric closet picking through bins of fabric, she said “what are you doing?” I said “organizing. it needs organized. I CANT TAKE IT!” and she started laughing. “You are NESTING. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Yeah, yeah, I am. This week included taking clothes to the thrift store, cleaning out our freezer and taking a billion bags to the trash place (I found the back of my freezer! why did I freeze eggplant? I HATE EGGPLANT!?) and mopping floors. There is still so much to do. The nice thing is though, I can go full tilt boogie after this afternoon. By the way, that MAY be the weirdest phrase every. Full tilt boogie??? Eh, whatever.

But it’s nice to run around my house preparing for the arrival of friends in October for the shower (HELLO MW FAMILY!) and the arrival of Raptor…well, whenever it hatches. Nesting reminds me of moving- you know, redoing your house the way you wanted it to begin with? We have still another 20 weeks to go, and I know it will go fast,  but it’ll be just fine. The nest will be well feathered for the Raptor.


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