Buy Buy Baby. Genius.

I posted earlier that Mr. Lulu and I drove up to Rockville to visit Buy Buy Baby and buy a Snoogle. My preliminary research of Buy Buy Baby is that it’s owned by Bed Bath & Beyond and that they were the be-all-end-all to baby needs. Or at least, an alternative to Babies R Us.

When we got there, I realized a few things.

  1. The store is poorly laid out for pregnant women. Who puts the bathrooms in the far back corner of the store???
  2. The store’s name fits it very well. Buy! BUY! BUY MORE!!! Eesh…
  3. The store is made to make you feel tiny. The walls are packed from floor to ceiling (set up just like a BB&B, and when I pointed that out to Mr. Lulu, he had the lightbulb look and went “ahhhhh” and totally understood the layout of the store).
  4. The store makes you feel unworthy. And if you feel unworthy, you will feel like you are not fit to raise a child. So you will buy more things. See points #3, 2.
  5. The store’s inventory is on the high end spectrum, so if you go in looking for things like silicon sleeve covers for glass bottles, you won’t find it. But what you will find is a $100 bottle sterilizer that also makes julienne fries. Or the $1500 stroller. Or the car seat that may make your child an applicant for MENSA when they are five. And of course, this is all meant to play on #4, which leads to #3, which leads you to #2.

I’m not entirely sure I will go back to Buy Buy Baby. I’m thankful I was able to drive up (it was a 2 hour drive) and go buy a Snoogle, but really, I was sent into a near panic attack over some of the things that are on the market. The look of panic and terror in my eyes either gave Mr. Lulu a good laugh or it gave him cause for concern that I was being sucked in to Buy Buy Baby’s genius.

Wanting the best for our babies is a natural thing. But do we need the $1500 stroller? Should we be more concerned with giving our babies the proper care, love, food, and shelter they need?

I am more inclined after my trip to Buy Buy Baby to skip the baby stores. Playing on insecurities of parents (especially first time parents) is a game I don’t want to participate in. I have enough self-doubt and don’t need a store telling me I should doubt myself even more. Instead I will listen to friends, maybe or maybe not take their advice, and just order online with the idea of I know what I want or need and not be overwhelmed by unnecessary choices.


2 thoughts on “Buy Buy Baby. Genius.

  1. You are wise to leave the baby stores! And your older friends who have learned their lessons the hard way will be happy to share how they were sucked into buying useless items (we still blame “What to Expect..”). And when you receive your gift from said friends it will likely not be on your registry, but it will be what you need. ;^)

  2. Buy Buy Baby is not only overpriced, poorly stocked, and poorly organized, but they will not offer a cash refund on items paid for in their store. I returned an unopened mint item which was received at my gf’s shower because it was the wrong one. I would have had no problem taking credit from their store but they did not have the one we were looking for. My family spent over 4,000 at Buy Buy Baby alone and I have over $500 in gift cards from their at this time, so store credit would not help me get the bedding and bumpers we were looking for. After dealing with the store reps, managers, and 1800 cust. service line, I was told that they only give store credit. They want to keep money in their store and knowing that so many people register their, they feel that doing this is a smart business move. They do not have a genuine concern for the customer. They have been paid for an item and refuse to offer a refund. I will not shop at a store that forces me to buy from them once friends or family attempt to purchase something as a present. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!~

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