I’ve been Snoogled

My sleep patterns recently have fallen down the tubes. I lie, not so much recently but since getting pregnant. But it went from up a million times to pee each night to “oh my goodness, my back, my feet, my hips…this is ridiculous and of course, now I have to pee again.”

I sleep with three pillows under my head normally. But in the last couple weeks, I’ve added a pillow for my hips, one for my knees, and one for my feet. A friend had mentioned she uses the Snoogle during her pregnancies and I was intrigued.

A Snoogle is a c-shaped body pillow designed for pregnant women.

You can curl it and hug it and prop your feet up and…well…let me just say, it’s wonderful. It did take Mr. Lulu and I a trip up the road to Buy Buy Baby in Rockville just to find this thing. Apparently only two stores in Maryland sell this magical cushion.

Yes, I could’ve ordered it online, but the dark circles under my eyes were starting to resemble those of a rabid zombie raccoon and I was getting the  temperament to match. I was determined to get my hands on one of these pillows this weekend.

I had my first night’s sleep with my Snoogle last night and OMG. I tell you it was such a change, especially when rolling over and I didn’t have to re-situate three pillows. I was so comfortable. It’s cozy. It’s supportive. Even when I came home from work today and took my afternoon cat nap, I was out like a light.

It’s everything I had wished for. And I won’t share. I’ve been snoogled.

(And by the way, I have no affliation with LeachCo or the Snoogle or Buy Buy Baby, I’m just one satisfied customer).


2 thoughts on “I’ve been Snoogled

  1. Now you just have to figure out how to make a pretty cover for it to match your bed. Lol. Glad you got the sleep thing under control. When I do baby #2 I will have to get one of those!!

  2. It sounds like a magical pillow. I bet you don’t even have to be pregant for it to help. Keep it handy then you and baby both can use it.

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